Welcome to Valkyrie Aerospace

Valkyrie Aerospace is a freelance/contracting aerospace and electronics company. We design and construct innovative low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles and independently research radio communication systems. Notable past projects have included high-gain shortwave antennae; functioning model trebuchets; 3D printed models of the LISA Pathfinder spacecraft; a twin-boom fixed-wing UAV; and prototypes of RoboScout, a camera-carrying rover build […]

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Micro 3D printer

This project uses upcycled DVD and floppy drive stepper motor gantry assemblies, along with a repurposed PC power supply, as the heart of a very small format 3D printer. Electronics used are Arduino Mega, RAMPS 1.4 controller, and Polulu motor shields, with option touchscreen display; we used a kit from Amazon. We sourced our recycled […]

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Juggernaut is Valkyrie Aerospace’s first complete electric-powered RC model, featuring a unique twin boom inverted V-tail airframe configuration and brushless motors upcycled from Ewaste. The build process is similar to that of our other models but incorporates new techniques that the builder needs to be aware of; in particular, you’ll need to follow the order […]

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ISS pass predictions

The ISS is an excellent place to start if you are interested in astronomy, as it is easily the third-brightest object in the night sky (behind the moon and Venus) when it is overhead and is readily observed. The link below computes pass prediction data for thousands of locations; weather permitting, most beginning observers should […]

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Valkyrie Wing

The Valkyrie wing is RHS Aerospace’s design for the 2016 National Wing Design competition. We provide the airfoils, technical drawings, plans, parts list, photos, and more to give prospective builders a comprehensive overview of the wing and its applications in out design report. We have also documented the process and structure of the competition itself. […]

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Astronomy and Optics

We have a few small optical instruments at Valkyrie, used mainly for sighting spacecraft like the ISS and Tiangong 1 in low earth orbit (LEO). We have also used our equipment to study the moon, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter, and we have now begun searching for Messier objects. Though our region has light pollution and trees […]

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