Welcome to Valkyrie Aerospace

Located in Russellville, Kentucky, Valkyrie Aerospace is a aviation and radio electronics maker workshop, with HF/VHF amateur radio call sign KM4LVC. We have the resources to design and construct innovative flying model aircraft, with emphasis on research into propulsion and airframe fabrication techniques, but explore all science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) fields to discover connections in these areas to what we do. Our past projects have included high-gain shortwave antennae, functioning model trebuchets, and LEGO prototypes of RoboScout, a camera-carrying rover intended to explore areas hazardous to humans (developed by P. Wilkerson, A. Coursey, and others, RoboScout achieved 4th place in the 2015 National Beta Club’s Convention Invention competition). Many of these were featured in the 2015 Nashville Mini Maker Faire.

In spring 2016, we partnered with the Russellville High School Aerospace Program to achieve runner-up in the National Wing Design Competition, sponsored by the National Air and Space Educational Institute (NASEI). This engineering challenge incorporated aspects of computer aided design (CAD), strength-to-weight ratio optimization, and more; we incorporate a similarly thorough approach to problem solving in everything we do.

Valkyrie Aerospace is currently operated by Phillip Wilkerson and Matthew Wilkerson, who also works with M-Labs digital electronics and software projects. You can contact us here: phillip.wilkerson@stu.russellville.kyschools.us or in the comments section below.

“A mile of highway will take you a mile; a mile of runway will take you anywhere”


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