Amateur Radio

KM4LVC’s station equipment includes a Kenwood TS-120V transciever, MFJ 949 transmatch, and Baofeng UV-5R transciever, as well as a CB radio, scanners, and a tube-type Textronic 357 oscilloscope for diagnostics. Our current antenna system is a 5-element 2m yagi on a mast with 2m and CB verticals, with a 40m balanced line fed inverted-V dipole for HF work. We have also made repeater contacts with a handheld 2m/70cm beam, which we use to listen to amateur radio satellites; primarily SO-50 and the International Space Station (ISS).

We built both yagis and also designed and constructed an antenna tuner from scrap parts such as old TV antennas. Our summer ham radio projects are to organize a radio contact between the ISS and Russellville High School’s Aerospace Program through the Southern Kentucky Amateur Transmitting Society (SKATS) and ARISS education, and to construct a low cost weather balloon “space probe” for high school and middle school students to learn more about the structure of the troposphere and stratosphere. Stay tuned for more!


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