Electrical and Mechanical Inventing

Although our specialty is aeronautics and radio communications, we frequently find ourselves pursuing projects outside of these fields. Our method is to seek out challenging design problems and find creative solutions to them; this has led us to interesting devices such as a hovercraft model Dalek; RoboScout, a human explorer’s analog for dangerous locations; model trebuchets; a climbing rope; even a tool we made purposely to transfer model aircraft plans to foam board. We believe that each of these are useful for educational applications and beyond.

We are also developing a prototype of a Wimshurst influence machine and Silent Alarm, the smart sleep mask. The Wimshurst machine has been completed, but a full tuning and troubleshooting awaits drier weather, due to the effects of high humidity on static electricity, while Silent Alarm is close to working but awaits further software development and testing. You can browse individual projects and their correspondent plans on this website; you can also visit Romeo Bravo Aviation for related information about aeronautics, aerial photography, and travel in south central Kentucky.


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