Model Aeronautics

Over the past few years, our flying projects have grown from paper gliders, to R/C foam board models, to glow and electric powered balsa wood models. Valkyrie Aerospace offers plans and instructions for aircraft in each of these categories; refer to these model’s pages for more information.

Our designs include a cardstock model of the Beechcraft V-35 Bonanza, with gear up and down build options; Juggernaut, a twin-boom, twin-powerplant configuration airplane; “The Hoop”, a closed-wing glider; the Swallow, a canard glider with a KF stepped airfoil; Boxen, a sturdy foam board box kite; and the Valkyrie wing, the high performance lifting body with which we and RHS Aerospace achieved runner-up in the National Wing Design Competition.

We are currently restoring a small, glow powered balsa model and continuing design work on a powered prototype of Juggernaut; whether you are just curious or have similar projects, feel free to contact us!


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