Valkyrie Wing

The Valkyrie wing is RHS Aerospace’s design for the 2016 National Wing Design competition. We provide the airfoils, technical drawings, plans, parts list, photos, and more to give prospective builders a comprehensive overview of the wing and its applications in out design report. We have also documented the process and structure of the competition itself.

2016_NWDC_Russellville High School_Valkyries

2016 NWDC Training presentation

Valkyrie Ribs PDF

2016 NWDC RHS Aerospace Checklist

2016 NWDC Data


You’ll need CAD software and/or a PDF reader to view and edit the files we have provided. The Valkyrie wing plans are considered open source, and builders are encouraged to modify and improve our version.



Image of the Martin Hepperle 114 (MH 114) airfoil used in the Valkyrie wing. This airfoil and hundreds more can be found at the UIUC Airfoil Database.



Completed balsa woodwork of the wing.



Valkyrie wing mounted to Hobbico NexSTAR fuselage, ready at the ramp at Russellville-Logan County Airport, with engine running.


The maiden flight; or, as we like to call it, “The Ride of the Valkyrie [wing]”.


Competition day weather was cold, rainy, and windy, so teams were not required to fly their airplanes to be scored as if they had completed a successful flight. The fact that we had a student pilot ready to fly the NexSTAR, however, would have normally given us a 10% score bonus.

Neither our wing’s construction nor team Valkyrie’s trip to the Wing Design Competition itself would have been possible were it not for the generous support of the National Air and Space Educational Institute (NASEI) and the Russellville Independent Schools’ Board of Education. Both organizations provided funding and support for our entry in this prestigious challenge, and RHS Aerospace owes them appreciation for helping us achieve our runner-up finish. Thank you!


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