Technical drawing and notebook templates

As an innovative workshop, Valkyrie Aerospace’s success relies upon ideas conceived in the moment in order to solve unique problems. We use Autodesk software for our published drawings, but these are often formalized versions of hand-drawn sketches. We have our own system of documenting these ideas, and we provide our template for readers’ use.

We also find ourselves taking notes on systems design principles and existent machines; for this, we have adopted a version of the legendary Cornell two-column format. We recommend printing one page of two-column notes on the back of each technical drawing template and carrying a few copies of these in your notebooks.

The most important thing to remember about these templates is this: never be afraid to make a mess out of them. Brainstorming is not an orderly process, but so long as you commit your ideas to paper and pen, you can  usually sort them out later. Your hand drawn sketches will look sloppy at first – ours sure did – but practice will make the process easier.

Invention Template

Notebook Template

Technical Drawing Template


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