Popsickle stick benchtop trebuchet

There are many designs in existence for small model trebuchets, and there are also many examples of model bridges build from popsickle sticks. Valkyrie Aerospace’s benchtop trebuchet design is unique, however, in that it combines both techniques, resulting in a design that can be built quickly with minimal woodworking skills. As all cuts can be […]

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“The Hoop”

This is a simple “chuck” glider, suitable for making out of scrap foamboard in an afternoon. The wing consists of a closed wing made from three flat pieces of foamboard taped together, with camber added by bending and gluing the cut tabs as shown. The tail is of similar construction; simply cut the piece as […]

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Electrical and Mechanical Inventing

Although our specialty is aeronautics and radio communications, we frequently find ourselves pursuing projects outside of these fields. Our method is to seek out challenging design problems and find creative solutions to them; this has led us to interesting devices such as a hovercraft model Dalek; RoboScout, a human explorer’s analog for dangerous locations; model trebuchets; […]

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Model Aeronautics

Over the past few years, our flying projects have grown from paper gliders, to R/C foam board models, to glow and electric powered balsa wood models. Valkyrie Aerospace offers plans and instructions for aircraft in each of these categories; refer to these model’s pages for more information. Our designs include a cardstock model of the […]

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Amateur Radio

KM4LVC’s station equipment includes a Kenwood TS-120V transciever, MFJ 949 transmatch, and Baofeng UV-5R transciever, as well as a CB radio, scanners, and a tube-type Textronic 357 oscilloscope for diagnostics. Our current antenna system is a 5-element 2m yagi on a mast with 2m and CB verticals, with a 40m balanced line fed inverted-V dipole for […]

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Welcome to Valkyrie Aerospace

Valkyrie Aerospace is a freelance/contracting aerospace and electronics company. We design and construct innovative low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles and independently research radio communication systems. Notable past projects have included high-gain shortwave antennae; functioning model trebuchets; 3D printed models of the LISA Pathfinder spacecraft; a twin-boom fixed-wing UAV; and prototypes of RoboScout, a camera-carrying rover build […]

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